Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog "Präfigurative Malerei", Gallery Schlehn, Empede, 1999, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingPräfigurationen
Schlehn Gallery, Empede, Germany, 1999

In 1999, Kurt Märzhäuser showed Norbert Klora’s artworks in an exclusive single exhibition. He generated a lot of attention for the Prefigurations and presented the artist’s journey with this extensive catalog.

Norbert Klora, Martin Disler, exhibition catalog, Gallery Schlehn, Empede, 1989, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingMalerei
Schlehn Gallery, Empede, Germany, 1989

At the opening of his gallery in 1989, Kurt Märzhäuser presented to the audience the artworks of Martin Disler and Norbert Klora, two of his favorites in terms of modern painting. You will find the artworks documented in the catalog.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog, Klosterkirche Wittenburg, 2006, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingKreuz und quer
Monastery Church of Wittenburg, Germany, 2006

The exhibition Kreuz und quer (Criss-cross) was shown at a very special location – in the monastery church in Wittenburg. The artists – Norbert Klora and Fritz Dommel – made good use of the high ceilings. Norbert Klora’s almost 20ft-high piece‚ Martyr’s Cross, was part of the exhibition and you will find it documented in the catalog.

Norbert Klora, Exhibition Catalog 'Präfigurative Malerei', Josef Nisters Gallery, Speyer, 2000, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingPräfigurative Malerei
Josef Nisters Gallery, Speyer, Germany, 2000

In 2000, the Josef Nisters Gallery presented contemporary artworks of Norbert Klora in Speyer – an old imperial city with 2000-year-old Roman origins. Norbert Klora created a lithograph especially for this exhibition with the cathedral of Speyer as its main theme.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog, „Arte e Artisti Europei“, Orizzonti d'Europa, 1999, Palazzo Libera, Villa Lagarina, Italy, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingArte e Artisti Europei
Orizzonti d’Europa, Italy, 1999

In summer 1999, the Italian art accociation Orizzonti d’Europa presented prefigurative paintings of Norbert Klora. The exhibition brought together several artists from Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, Bosnia, Georgia and France. They showed their artworks in the very beautiful surroundings of Palazzo Libera in Villa Lagarina, Italy.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog, ARCI del Trentino, 2001, Nago, Ceske Budejovice, Iseo, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingRitratti di fascisti
ARCI del Trentino, Italy, 2001

As part of a touring exhibition entitled Segnali artistici dall ‘Europe, a group of European artists presented their work. ARCI del Trentino invited Norbert Klora to present his series of works known under the title Fascists Portraits. The catalog shows Klora’s contribution to this project.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog "Malerei - Positionen der 90er Jahre", Kunstverein Neustadt, 1996, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printing Malerei – Positionen der 90er Jahre
Kunstverein Neustadt, Germany, 1996

In 1996, Norbert Klora showed his paintings in this group show. The project was initiated by the art association Kunstverein Neustadt. It brought together various pieces of modern art and presented them to a wider audience. The catalog was published for the exhibition.

Norbert Klora, catalog „Reisebilder Australien“, 1994/1995, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingReisebilder
Australia, 1984/1985

In 1984 and 1985 Norbert Klora travelled through Australia for several months. During this trip he created a lot of drawings – inspired by the incredibly diverse nature, his meetings with the Aborigines, and the on-road and off-road adventures. This catalog is as spontaneous as a sketchbook.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog, Hotel Kaiserworth, Goslar, 1987, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingMalerei
Hotel Kaiserworth, Goslar, Germany, 1987

In 1987, Norbert Klora presented his very modern artworks in the historical heart of the city of Goslar. It was once the guildhall of the Guild of Cloth Merchants. Nowadays, it is home to the imperial palace of Goslar and a perfect place to show contemporary art in a traditional setting.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog, Essere o avere?, ARCI del Trentino, Italy, 2003, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingEssere o avere?
ARCI del Trentino, Italy, 2003

In 2003, the Italian art accociation ARCI del Trentino showed a retrospective of European artists. Norbert Klora presented a series of works entitled The Millionaire is Everywhere which is part of the catalog.

Norbert Klora, exhibition catalog, Galerie Schlehn, 1992, contemporary art, painting, drawing, printingPräfigurative Malerei
Schlehn Gallery, Empede, Germany, 1992

What connects the painting of such fundamentally different artistic temperaments as Norbert Klora, Lothar Neumann and Martin Sander? It is the term Prefigurative painting (Präfigurative Malerei), first used by Kurt Märzhäuser in this exhibition in 1992. Kurt Märzhäuser is a gallery owner and art historian. Curious? Read more about it in this catalog.