About Norbert Klora

Artist and photographer,
born in 1955 in Brüggen, Germany

Norbert Klora graduated from college – FHS Hildesheim, Germany – where he completed his studies with a degree in design in 1981. Klora’s importance in German contemporary arts is evident when looking at the list of exhibitions and performances in which Klora either actively participated or which he directed.

As early as 1986, he exhibited in the Lower Saxony pavilion at the Hannover Fair, Germany, and at the Vitaliste Zomersalon in Brussels, Belgium. The Schlehn art gallery in Empede, Germany, has exhibited Klora’s work since 1989, alongside well-known names like Martin Disler, Herman Nitsch, Jürgen Klauke and Siegfried Anzinger. In cooperation with the Schlehn gallery the concept of Prefiguration was introduced to describe the paintings of Klora in the world of art.

Klora’s international career started off with an open-air exhibition in Bellington, Australia followed by numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad ever since. Since 1999, he maintains close contacts with ARCI del Trentino, the famous Italian Arts and Culture Association. Exhibitions followed in Trento, Brescia, Cremona, at the Lake Garda and Lake Iseo.

In cooperation with Kunsthalle Faust, Germany, Klora directed and curated the exhibition Altarpieces in Contemporary Art in 2001. A year later, in 2002, Klora was officially invited to contribute to the supporting programme of the Documenta 11 in Kassel, Germany.

The concept of Prefiguration, highly influenced by Klora, was the focus of an extensive project at the Johannes-Kepler-University in Linz, Austria in 2002.

In 2006, Norbert Klora and Prof. Fritz Dommel organised a joint exhibition at Wittenburg monastery, called Crisscross.

A wide range of Klora’s artwork and photographs was presented to the public in the solo exhibition Around the world in 30 years at the KronenSieben gallery in 2009.

In April and May 2017, Norbert Klora presented more than 120 works in the Galerie im Stammelbach-Speicher in Hildesheim. More than 500 visitors came to see the exhibition TRACKS:FINDER.

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