In April and May 2017, Norbert Klora (Hannover) and Burchard Vossmann (Berlin) presented more than 300 works in the Galerie im Stammelbach-Speicher in Hildesheim. The visitor could go on discovery trip to learn more about the very different works of the artists.

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While Norbert Klora is fascinated by different ethnicities and habitats, Burchard Vossmann is more concerned with the traces that humans leave behind. His hunting grounds are urban and sub-urban habitats. There the artist collects material for his material works, installations and collages. On the other hand, Klora processes his encounters and experiences intensely and expressively in his works of art. For example, in the picture series “Proud to be…”, which was created in 2016/2017 after a trip to threatened tribes in the Ethiopian Omo Valley.

Both artists pursue a cosmopolitan approach, far from mass tourism. Their image worlds could not be more contrasting, but they complement each other excellently in their visions and approaches. The exhibition TRACKS:FINDER (in German: SPUREN:FINDER) has a thoroughly retrospective character. And it strikes an arc across all the continents.

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